A puzzling airway problem
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Cheek swab can detect early signs of cancer, study indicates
Philippines records highest number of new HIV cases since 1984
Migrants’ access to healthcare is restricted across Europe, charity warns
Gentle daily exercise is as good for elderly men as stopping smoking
Remote districts are still inaccessible five days after second Nepal earthquake
Prevalence of HPV is high among Indian tribal girls and young women, study finds
Primary prevention with lipid lowering drugs and long term risk of vascular events in older people: population based cohort study
Lipid lowering for primary prevention of stroke in older adults?
Preventing sex offences: the Dunkelfeld project
Scant evidence on the effectiveness of metformin in type 2 diabetes
The sacred cow status of the NHS
Prejudice in reports on misconduct cases in The BMJ
Whatever happened to the principle of innocent until proved guilty?
New oral anticoagulants: dosing and monitoring
NICE recommendations: why no disinvestment recommendations to offset investment decisions?
Authors of report on cost of visitors and migrants to the NHS reply to letter calling for end to political rhetoric on health tourism
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US physicians’ group releases guidelines for “high value” cancer screening
Not all women with dense breasts need further imaging after normal mammogram, study shows
Junior doctors to ask lawyers if the NHS is in breach of human rights legislation
Cameron's pledge on seven day working is branded “empty headline grabbing”
US navy will not discharge nurse who refused to force feed Guantanamo prisoners
The ABPI's response to news story on leading academics’ condemnation of government undermining of NICE
Alan Robert Somner
Celia Marjorie Davies
Antimicrobial resistance is a social problem requiring a social solution
Drug combination that corrects deficient protein in cystic fibrosis improves lung function
UN implores South East Asian nations to help starving migrants stranded at sea
Death (of a toy)
Childhood attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
The role of intervening hospital admissions on trajectories of disability in the last year of life: prospective cohort study of older people
Worsening disability in older people: a trigger for palliative care
Investigating intracerebral haemorrhage
Fordyce spots
Edzard Ernst: Guiltiest pleasure is research
When and how to discuss “do not resuscitate” decisions with patients
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UK children are more than twice as likely to be obese than previous generations, figures show
Care at end of life isn't being properly managed, says ombudsman
Two Indian states promise to enforce act that punishes violent attacks against doctors
Margaret McCartney: Second use patents—why do we have to prescribe branded Lyrica for pain?
Bullying in childhood may be linked to heart disease risk, study says
The promise of non-invasive prenatal testing needs to be monitored scientifically
Tickets to Glyndebourne or the Oval? Big tobacco's bid to woo parliamentarians
Dutch government in court for violating international tobacco treaty
Tests to predict imminent delivery in threatened preterm labour
Unnecessary PCIs and other stories …
We cannot keep ignoring the crisis in social care
In brief
A woman with upper and lower airway symptoms
Cold weather kills far more people than hot weather, study shows
What's your weakness?
End of the gold rush for China's drugs market?
Pregnant women are advised to seek medical advice if they need paracetamol for more than one day
Doctors facing manslaughter charges should not automatically be suspended, High Court rules
Indian minister denies plan for nurse practitioners to fill doctor gap
Ministers must halt “surreal obsession” with seven day opening, GP leader says
Politicians must stop using NHS as “commodity” to win votes, say GPs
Finances, targets, and workforce are on NHS agenda for next parliament, hears meeting