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Herbert Livingston Duthie
Helen Sylvia Holzel
David Gerald Moore
Richard Wellesley Spencer
Many UK patients with gonorrhoea are given outdated antibiotics
Parental smoking puts 400 000 UK children into poverty, researchers say
Smoking ban cuts admissions for child respiratory infections
Reform of medical regulation is left off the Queen's speech for a second time
India's medical council reintroduces ID system to tackle “ghost faculty” problem in medical colleges
Blood flow conditioning reduces kidney injury in high risk cardiac surgery patients at 20 years
Campaigners challenge patent applications for hepatitis C drug in five countries
Sheffield NHS trust and council pay £27 000 in damages after failing to agree patient's care budget
Funding cuts threaten US academic medical research, say deans
Experts plan to recommend immediate antiretroviral therapy for people with HIV
India is declared free of maternal and neonatal tetanus
India's critical care doctors are highly stressed, survey finds
Germany is set to introduce e-health cards by 2018
India's urban middle class has high prevalence of cardiometabolic risk factors, finds study
Rowley Richards
Eric Blackadder
Surgeon is struck off for behaviour “fundamentally incompatible” with being a doctor
Australian doctors face two years in jail for reporting asylum seekers' health
Wearing the “safeguarding” hat in the community
Bronchiolitis in children: summary of NICE guidance
Statistics Notes: Bootstrap resampling methods
Challenging behaviour and learning disabilities: summary of NICE guidance
Use and risks of surgical mesh for pelvic organ prolapse surgery in women in New York state: population based cohort study
The diagnosis and management of hypercalcaemia
More reasons why private practice is unethical
Patients' right to choose private medicine
Independent general practice follows the same ethical standards as the NHS
The BMJ was inconsiderate when publishing personal view on private practice
Once a month, or the secret to raising the status of medical ethics
Mesh use in surgery for pelvic organ prolapse
Will India's national health policy deliver universal health coverage?
What are the risks?
Choosing Together: encouraging person centred care and shared decision making
Government should monitor quality of medical education
Recommendations in debate on psychiatric drugs are insufficiently justified
Corruption impairs discussion on long term use of psychiatric drugs
Author's reply to Tovey and colleagues
Clinical pharmacists help prescribers and patients make informed decisions
Stand during working day to prevent health risks of sedentary jobs, says guidance
People receiving unnecessary treatments: accurate diagnosis is key
Combined immunotherapy improves survival in metastatic melanoma
Research project will use cervical cells to predict risk of cancers
Staff burnout threatens plans for NHS, says think tank
In brief
BMA calls for action over rise in consultant vacancies in Scotland
Sarah Clarke: Determined and convivial
Antidepressants in late pregnancy are linked to respiratory disorder in newborns, study finds
Removing more tissue around breast tumour reduces need for further surgery
India is urged to make stents essential medicines to help control price
Health bodies resign from “charade” of EU alcohol forum
White House forum promotes responsible use of antibiotics
Varenicline and risk of psychiatric conditions, suicidal behaviour, criminal offending, and transport accidents and offences: population based cohort study
Peer victimisation during adolescence and its impact on depression in early adulthood: prospective cohort study in the United Kingdom
Adolescent bullying linked to depression in early adulthood
China's overuse of inpatient treatment and routine preoperative testing
Personalised approach to treating early Hodgkin's lymphoma
Justifying conflicts of interest in medical journals: a very bad idea
Revisiting the commercial-academic interface in medical journals
The knowledge system underpinning healthcare is not fit for purpose and must change
Outcome of delirium in critically ill patients: systematic review and meta-analysis
Use and risks of surgical mesh for pelvic organ prolapse surgery in women in New York state: population based cohort study
Management of degenerative meniscal tears and the role of surgery
Listening to the voices of abused older people: should we classify system abuse?
Farhat Amin
Rory Louis Carson
Helen S Kennedy
Charles Roy Thickett
Sean Vesey
Report calls for co-location of primary care with A&E
Why don't people exercise, even a little?
Self rated “health score” can predict risk of death in next five years, researchers say
A test of our humanity
More could be done to protect people from heatwave in India, say campaigners
Benefits of mammography in women aged 50-69 outweigh risks, says expert panel
G7 leaders are urged to commit to health emergency response
US melanoma prevalence has doubled over past 30 years
Canadian tobacco firms are ordered to pay £8bn for damage from smoking
NHS in Scotland needs urgent change for it to survive, say colleges
Five types of skepticism
Association between tumour necrosis factor-α inhibitors and risk of serious infections in people with inflammatory bowel disease: nationwide Danish cohort study
Alcohol—who is paying the price?
Even low levels of air pollution are linked to more deaths in over 65s, study finds
Allergy myths lead to underdiagnosis and overdiagnosis, say specialists
Preparedness explains some differences between Haiti and Nepal's response to earthquake
Comfortable in their bodies: the rise of transgender care
EU report shows massive increase in legal highs
Hospital treatment targets have been simplified
India is declared free of maternal and neonatal tetanus
GMC proposes single test for all doctors wishing to work in UK
South Korea scrambles to contain MERS virus
FDA committee recommends approval for “female Viagra”
NIH Clinical Center closes its pharmacy after contamination found
US initiatives to boost organ donation have had little effect, study finds
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