PAin SoluTions In the Emergency Setting (PASTIES)—patient controlled analgesia versus routine care in emergency department patients with pain from traumatic injuries: randomised trial
PAin SoluTions In the Emergency Setting (PASTIES)—patient controlled analgesia versus routine care in emergency department patients with non-traumatic abdominal pain: randomised trial
Patient controlled analgesia in the emergency department
Superficial thrombophlebitis (superficial venous thrombosis)
Usefulness of data from magnetic resonance imaging to improve prediction of dementia: population based cohort study
Predicting dementia
Generic immunosuppression in solid organ transplantation: systematic review and meta-analysis
Insulin pump therapy, multiple daily injections, and cardiovascular mortality in 18 168 people with type 1 diabetes: observational study
Are generic immunosuppressants safe and effective?
Drug overdose has become leading cause of death from injury in US
High grade cervical lesions decline in young US women
Regulators seize 6.2 million doses of illegally traded medicines in UK
Margaret McCartney: Medicine is a bit of a giggle
BMA annual meeting: Government is run “from cloud 9 rather than number 10,” BMA chief says
Most women with early stage breast cancer are tested for metastases despite advice against it, study finds
Experts disagree over necessity of hepatitis E vaccine in Nepal
BMA annual meeting: BMA will lobby government over purchaser-provider split
Proposed 7.4% cut in public health budget threatens antismoking and antiobesity initiatives, leader says
BMA annual meeting: Doctors fear that devolving health spending in Manchester will lead to cuts
Suspected cancer (part 1—children and young adults): visual overview of updated NICE guidance
Suspected cancer (part 2—adults): reference tables from updated NICE guidance
Chronic exposure to higher BP in young adults is associated with cardiac dysfunction in middle age
CT for occult cancer is unnecessary in people with unexpected venous thromboembolism, study finds
How medicine is broken, and how we can fix it
Focus on symptoms to improve early diagnosis, new cancer guidance says
In brief
BMA annual meeting: Public health is threatened by “wholesale reductions” in staff and “dumbing down”
Steps to combat climate change would also improve human health, commission says
Private firm gets £400m contract to run NHS administrative services in England
Hundreds are arrested for Medicare fraud totalling $712m
Help us find and honour the stars of South Asian healthcare
China rejects patent on hepatitis C drug sofosbuvir
GP leaders unite in calling for inspections of surgeries to be suspended
BMA demands that health services be excluded from trade treaty
Acute calcific prevertebral tendinitis
What is the most effective treatment for severe gastro-oesophageal reflux disease?
Comparative efficacy trials with no placebo group cannot determine efficacy
Authors’ reply to Lin and colleagues
Oral contraceptive study omitted several confounders
New study supports MHRA advice on combined oral contraceptives
Authors’ reply to Zagarella
Prescrire: France's Choosing Wisely initiative
Clustering of comorbidities and other stories …
Meta-analysis should not be subject to selectivity and imbalance
Improving the NHS demands more than just extra money
How Hong Kong helped Vietnamese refugees in 1979
Evidence for primary care services at A&E
Silence of advanced nations on the refugee crisis is shameful
Excluding the bifid uvula in children with speech impairment
Reducing the price of new hepatitis C drugs in the Tuscany region of Italy
Multidrug resistant TB is less transmissible than drug susceptible strains, study shows
Peter Hindley: Warm, energetic, positive
Solving the mystery of health inequality
Why the panic? South Korea's MERS response questioned
Sense About Science charity joins fight against bid to prevent transparency of trials
BMA annual meeting: BMA condemns detention of children in police cells overnight
US Supreme Court throws out law that forced doctors in North Carolina to deliver antiabortion message
Experts disagree over necessity of hepatitis E vaccine in Nepal
Half of public think weekend access to GPs should be NHS priority
Risk of recurrent stillbirth: systematic review and meta-analysis
Fossil fuel companies and climate change: the case for divestment
Protecting families from recurrent stillbirth
Why e-cigarettes are dividing the public health community
Researchers’ focus on drugs over other treatments ignores doctors’ and patients’ views
A 56 year old woman with syncope, weakness, and refractory hypotension
Contribution of behavioural science to antibiotic stewardship
UK doctors head home from Ebola frontline
Getting our house in order
Doctors and scientists urge Wellcome Trust to divest from fossil fuels
Smokers are more likely to quit as smoking prevalence decreases, study shows
Private sector must improve customer experience, conference hears
BMA annual meeting: BMA issues warning over dangerous working patterns
Progress on eliminating neglected tropical diseases is too slow, report warns
Pakistan authorities trade blame as heatwave deaths exceed 800
Kozhikode doctors plan court action over claims by homeopaths
Don't ignore home grown medical systems
An occult cause of dyspnoea
Quantifying the risks of non-oncology phase I research in healthy volunteers: meta-analysis of phase I studies
The secret realm of phase I trials in healthy volunteers
Without proper research funding, how can medical education be evidence based?
Angioplasty with paclitaxel coated balloon reduces restenosis in peripheral artery disease
Syphilis and gonorrhoea increase sharply in England
What is significance?
US Supreme Court's exoneration of the Affordable Care Act
Anesthetist is sued after sedated patient recorded insults on phone
Supreme Court rejects challenge to Affordable Care Act
India's abortion law puts women at risk