Marginal kidneys for transplantation
A patient request for some “deprescribing”
Rash on the arms and legs
“Complicating relationships”—the water that doctors breathe
High Court rules that Health Research Authority acted unlawfully over trial transparency
Disclosing payments from drug companies should be mandatory for doctors, says academy
US healthcare spending will reach 20% of GDP by 2024, says report
Assessing the painful, uninflamed eye in primary care
Healthcare for Syrian refugees
Number of dengue cases in Delhi is highest for five years
Rise in US autism cases is mostly due to changes in diagnosis, study claims
Lack of information on “fit notes” renders them useless, says study
UK academic general practice and primary care
Evidence of hospital failures was not disclosed at surgeon's manslaughter trial
Seven day NHS is possible only with more resources, say surgeons
Democrats block vote on bill to deny federal funds to Planned Parenthood
New QOF targets focus on physical health of patients with mental health problems
Monitor tells NHS providers to “look again” at year's financial plans
Consumption of spicy foods and total and cause specific mortality: population based cohort study
Consumption of hot spicy foods and mortality—is chilli good for your health?
Ipsilateral rotational auto-keratoplasty
Caring for sex workers
Antibiotic use for respiratory tract infections and other stories …
Brief intervention in emergency department does not reduce partner violence in women, US study shows
Cancer survival in England still lags behind similar countries, study shows
Entrenching an association between Islam, fear, and violence
Article conflates academic standards at UMST with student radicalisation
Factual errors in article on doctors and Islamic State
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Cultivating candour about our mistakes
Cultivating duty of candour requires organisational leadership and culture
Twenty top papers—the ones that got away and the results of the top six poll
Severe lack of investment in electronic infrastructure in the NHS
The “paperless NHS” at the front line
Author's reply to ElSayed and colleagues, Obeidalla, and Hamad
Editor's reply to Lodhi, Mawas, Waqar, ElSayed and colleagues, Obeidalla, and Hamad
In brief
NHS may have to charge for some services if spending does not increase, report warns
Predicting decline and survival in severe acute brain injury: the fourth trajectory
UK doctors who go to Syria just want to alleviate suffering
British Islamic Medical Association's response to Islamic State articles
Sudden onset diffuse erythema and oedema of the breast
Blindness to institutional betrayal by the APA
Potent and untested drugs sold as “dietary supplements”
Peter Reid Duncan
John Frame
Philip Carlton Heal
Arthur T Porter
Paula Murphy
Highlighting risk of diseases is most effective in changing attitudes to vaccines, US study finds
Food for thought
Adding chemotherapy to hormonal therapy prolongs survival in metastatic prostate cancer, study finds
Elsie Ritch (Guglick)
Group of private eye surgeons fined £0.5m for breaching competition law
Vanessa Mary Wright
Effective ovarian cancer treatment is underused, US study finds
Links between food manufacturers and Spanish health institutions are highlighted in report
Variation in care and outcome following myocardial infarction
David Oliver: Who is to blame for older people's readmission?
Public debate begins in Scotland on future of NHS
Myanmar ministers and opposition leaders agree plan to eliminate malaria by 2030
UK alcohol guidance has little relevance to people's lives, study finds
Watchdog questions usefulness of UK's £600m health and care regulators
India's Supreme Court allows girl who was raped to have termination outside legal limits
Bias in randomised controlled trials: comparison of crossover group and parallel group designs
Comparison of hospital variation in acute myocardial infarction care and outcome between Sweden and United Kingdom: population based cohort study using nationwide clinical registries
Smoking worsens effect of early menopause on mortality, study finds