Varenicline and risk of psychiatric conditions, suicidal behaviour, criminal offending, and transport accidents and offences: population based cohort study
Suicide risk assessment and intervention in people with mental illness
Diagnostic yield and accuracy of CT angiography, MR angiography, and digital subtraction angiography for detection of macrovascular causes of intracerebral haemorrhage: prospective, multicentre cohort study
New blood marker can detect chronic kidney disease, study shows
US Senate committee launches investigation into drug pricing
Doctor is suspended for aborting fetus because it was female
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Prices of 18 new drug formulations are capped in India
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Sentinel lymph node biopsy in melanoma
Fat middle section is less healthy than being obese, say researchers
Insulin pumps improve glucose control in children with type 1 diabetes, study finds
Intensive blood pressure control reduces cardiovascular events, studies show
Lisa Jardine
Former Duke University oncologist is guilty of research misconduct, US officials find
India's HIV prevention programme is running out of condoms
General practice commissioning: in whose interests?
Risk of postoperative acute kidney injury in patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery—development and validation of a risk score and effect of acute kidney injury on survival: observational cohort study
Luisa Pettigrew: Curious, persistent, and lucky
Time for authors of paper to write to health secretary over misuse of weekend mortality data?
Driving after an acute coronary syndrome
Abolishing the internal market to save NHS costs
NHS money is wasted on short term action rather than fixing the underlying problems
Revalidation built on appraisal may have led to confusion
Wales's proposed opt out organ donation system
GMC should be relicensing doctors, not revalidating specialists
Clinically silent myocardial scars are common in middle aged and older people, study finds
Hunt summons royal colleges for talks on preparing for industrial action
Re-launch of PulMiCC trial to discover the true effect of pulmonary metastasectomy on survival in advanced colorectal cancer
The crisis in primary care and community and mental health services
Designing a better appraisal system that meets the needs of trainees and the public
New 3D virtual human model aims to transform surgical training
Tax evading retired surgeon is struck off for “prolonged dishonesty”
Development and validation of risk prediction equations to estimate future risk of blindness and lower limb amputation in patients with diabetes: cohort study
Computerised cognitive behaviour therapy (cCBT) as treatment for depression in primary care (REEACT trial): large scale pragmatic randomised controlled trial
Identifying people with diabetes at high risk of blindness and amputation
Occupational medicine is in demise
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Stenting for a stabbing
Pelvic pain
Diagnosis and management of menopause: summary of NICE guidance
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Seven days in medicine: 7 to 13 November
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Building on good data foundations
Extra £8bn to NHS cannot fund seven day service, MPs hear
Deaths after elective repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm fall to all time low
University of Toronto researcher resigns over “systematic” data fraud
Social media could provide early warning of virus outbreaks
Antibiotic prescribing is higher in deprived areas of England
Budget cuts have worsened quality of mental healthcare, think tank warns
British nurse makes “full recovery” from reactivated Ebola virus
John Delwyn Thomas
Henry Malcolm Hardy
William Paul Butt
John Philip Spalding
Edward Somerset Short
William Dampier Jeans
A man with COPD, fever, and leucocytosis
Nail changes
Complaints about adult social care rose by 18% last year
Antidote reverses anticoagulant effects of factor Xa inhibitors in minutes, studies show
David Oliver: Stop blaming patients for emergency visits
Maternal deaths have nearly halved in past 25 years
Charity urges drug firms to reduce price of pneumonia vaccine
NHS in England missed all key targets in September
US doctors' group seeks to block insurance company mergers
Sun shows how not to report a case of HIV
Thousands die in clinical trials in India, but compensation is rarely paid
Tuesday 1 December could be first day of industrial action, says BMA
Palestinian doctors are barred from entering UK