Visualising childhood vaccination schedules across G8 countries
Maternal vaccination against H1N1 influenza and offspring mortality: population based cohort study and sibling design
Stroke and recurrent haemorrhage associated with antithrombotic treatment after gastrointestinal bleeding in patients with atrial fibrillation: nationwide cohort study
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Restarting antithrombotic drugs after gastrointestinal haemorrhage in people with atrial fibrillation
Hunt announces £4m drive to reduce stillbirths and neonatal and maternal deaths in England
More than 400 pharmacists will be recruited to GP surgeries by next year
Herbert Gilles
US Supreme Court to hear challenge to restrictive Texas abortion law
Doctors must ask carers before placing DNAR notices on files of mentally incapacitated patients
Italian expert questions need for expanded vaccination schedule
Antenatal blood pressure for prediction of pre-eclampsia, preterm birth, and small for gestational age babies: development and validation in two general population cohorts
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Brian Keighley
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Former health secretary takes on another advisory role in private health sector
German drug industry says pricing law is restricting access to some drugs
Author of retracted BMJ paper is ordered to pay $C1.6m to Canadian broadcaster
NHS staff invited to comment on new policy to encourage whistleblowing
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Israeli agents raid Hebron hospital and kill visiting relative of wanted man
NHS services will be cut without more funds, finance directors predict
Nearly 10% in US have had problem with drug use, survey finds
US physician group calls for ban on direct to consumer drug advertising
Combating climate change
Nosocomial transmission of avian influenza A (H7N9) virus in China: epidemiological investigation
Nosocomial transmission of avian influenza virus A (H7N9)
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Public Health England's report on sugar reduction
Problems with preference and place of death for children too
Low priority given to original research in the new print version of The BMJ
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Authors' reply to Mawer and Wilcox and Mullish and Williams
Time to debate an opt-out system for organ donation in England as well as the rest of the UK
Seven days in medicine: 14 to 20 November
Gaps in antenatal care are found in most stillbirths
On our watch
Efforts to limit antimicrobial resistance are threatened by lack of evidenced control policies, review warns
Incidence of sexually transmitted infections jumps in US, CDC reports
Partnership with UK health bodies is to bring 11 new institutes to India
US crackdown on cash for referrals brings more arrests
Overwhelming majority of junior doctors vote for strike action
Margaret McCartney: Juniors vote to strike—a profession united for the NHS
Safety and efficacy of hysteroscopic sterilization compared with laparoscopic sterilization: an observational cohort study
Nutrition and health in women, children, and adolescent girls
Clinical importance cannot be ruled out using mean difference alone
J H Woolf
John Alexander-Williams
George Will Morrison
Beryl Jameson
Douglas Noel Golding
Thomas Linthorn Bradbeer
NICE guideline aims to cut premature birth rates
Online feedback from patients is succeeding in improving services, says report
UK science research agenda should be set by stronger single agency, review recommends
Doctors can withdraw feeding from patient in minimally conscious state, judge rules
Doctors underwent “extreme sleep deprivation” in studies of effect on patient deaths
NHS hospitals post record £1.6bn overspend in first six months of year