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Bombing Syria without protecting civilians won't counter extremism or reduce refugees
US research bodies aren't reporting trial results as required, report finds
Ontario suspends unvaccinated children from school and proposes mandatory classes for parents
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“Mind boggling” variation in hospital prices is seen across US
NICE rejects trastuzumab emtansine for use on NHS
Hospital trusts need “coherent plan” from government to reduce deficits, says spending watchdog
“Mind boggling” variation in hospital prices is seen across US
Australian court orders Nurofen's specific pain range off the shelves
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Northern Ireland assembly must decide whether to issue new abortion law
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BMA calls for chief inspector of general practice to resign
Opioids should be last resort to treat chronic pain, says draft CDC guideline
NIH plans to be more nimble and innovative
US device industry and FDA “colluded” on legislation to weaken regulatory oversight