Management of lumbar spinal stenosis
Nurses' leader warns government not to pick fight with profession over seven day working
John Anthony Chappel
Most US patients continue to be prescribed opioids after overdose
Midlands hospital appoints humanist “pastoral carer” to join its chaplaincy team
Cautious welcome for gene editing of Duchenne muscular dystrophy in animal model
Use hand cleaning to prompt mindfulness in clinic
GPs to discuss possible industrial action in crisis summit
Wider group of health professionals should be located in emergency departments, college says
Mental healthcare is biggest NHS worry for the public
Government “attack on local democracy” could undermine ethical and pro-health investing
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Junior doctors are set to take industrial action, says BMA
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Sixty seconds on … mindfulness
Self referral to physiotherapy and other services would empower patients and doctors
NHS choir's number one hit puts health service in media spotlight over Christmas
Adult survivors of childhood cancer are at high risk of cardiac abnormalities, study finds
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is reported in 25 year old former American football player
Children born from infertility treatment are not at risk of developmental delays, study finds
Cautionary tales about DNACPR
Bryan Lask
Act requires officials to review how US dietary guidelines are formulated
WHO calls for efforts to prevent newborn deaths in South East Asia
Assessment of palpitations
Unusual presentation of a contained AAA rupture
Intraperitoneal bladder rupture
Anne Mackie: Optimistic, direct, and pragmatic
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Telling patients of incidental genetic findings isquestionable, researchers warn
WHO analgesic ladder: a good concept gone astray
Not a typical case of bilateral knee osteoarthritis
Co-trimoxazole in addition to antiretroviral therapy may reduce malaria risk in HIV positive adults
A modest proposal on gun control—and a real one
Voluntary euthanasia is now legal in Quebec, says appeal court
Obama issues executive orders to curtail gun violence
Junior doctors' contract talks will resume on Friday
Potential head of Food Standards Agency would treat antimicrobial resistance as priority
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Parkinson's disease: fetal cell or stem cell derived treatments
Newer antiplatelet agents in acute coronary syndrome
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Downsizing: policy options to reduce portion sizes to help tackle obesity
Rapidly enlarging eyelid lesion
Dystrophic nails
Sugar tax and screening: listen to the evidence
Teens' e-cigarette use rises as spending on advertising soars, says CDC
Former ministers call for commission to review NHS and social care funding
Junior doctors' contract: the sticking points in negotiations
Metformin as firstline treatment for type 2 diabetes: are we sure?
Cut drinking to reduce risk of cancer, says new guidance
Health department beefed up Keogh strike letter, says Independent
Abortion numbers halve in Northern Ireland as doctors fear prison
Margaret McCartney: Bruce Keogh's letter to junior doctors: the importance of independence
High rate of symptoms is seen five years after gastric bypass surgery for obesity
Targeted exercise for muscles that support the spine reduces low back pain, Cochrane review shows
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