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Authors' reply to Ninan and Millar and Abou-saleh
Hospital trusts will adapt junior doctor contract if they have to
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Breaking point
Loneliness is associated with higher risk of stroke and heart disease, study finds
GMC issues advice on safe rotas for junior doctors
UK scientists would lose money and influence under “Brexit,” says Lords report
Underweight patients have higher risk of death after myocardial infarction, study finds
Medicaid expansion increased low income patients' coverage and use of healthcare, study finds
Better mental healthcare in England may have reduced suicides
Aspirin may reduce risk of metastases and death in patients with cancer, study finds
Potassium intake and cardiovascular outcomes and other stories…
GMC relaxes length of time sanctions will appear on doctors' records
GP services in England get multibillion cash injection in landmark deal
Some scientists are exempted from government's “gagging clause”
Ian John Davis
Otis Brawley—one of the first to question the value of screening
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Government must follow the evidence before implementing seven day GP services
Call for preventive care for rheumatic heart disease in refugee children
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Stigma is leading to under-treatment of mental health conditions, says leading psychiatrist
Risk of stroke after transient ischaemic attack is lower than previously thought, study finds
Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) performance of doctors who passed Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) tests compared with UK medical graduates: national data linkage study
Gender dysphoria: shared care is the answer
Unequal treatment of transgender people
Government's pledges on mental health are not backed with funding, says spending watchdog
George Alberti: Laid back, iconoclastic, irreverent
Smokers and overweight patients are denied surgery, royal college finds
US hepatitis C virus testing recommendations may miss 25% of cases, study finds
A man with altered mental status and metabolic acidosis
Author's reply to Luke
Weekend admission to psychiatric hospital is not linked to increased risk of death
Mediterranean diet reduces cardiovascular events in people with heart disease, study shows
Staff shortages are putting UK breast cancer screening “at risk,” survey finds
Nearly six in 10 medical colleges in India did not publish any research in past 10 years
Putting health inequalities to music
Suicide rates rise sharply in the US, figures show
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NHS England provides a major boost for general practice
Immunotherapy tablet helps control asthma in people with house dust mite allergy
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Margaret McCartney: How to misspend £2.4bn
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Patient safety took second place to research needs at NIH hospital, says report
Seven days in medicine: 20-26 April
A man with severe abdominal pain
Government abused power as sole employer of junior doctors, says BMA chair
E-cigarettes are a “gateway from smoking,” RCP concludes
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Rebuilding the front line
NICE approves innovative treatment for moderate to severe heart failure
Bitter dispute leads junior doctors to take unprecedented action
The strike in numbers
Supplements such as fish oils improve antidepressant effectiveness, review finds
Mark Porter interview: the government will realise its mistake
Specialised services “swallow up” increasing share of NHS budget
GP admits to falsifying clinical trial of insomnia drug
Children in care often refused mental health treatment, say MPs
Prosecution of US psychologists who ran CIA torture program moves a step closer
Royal college told to stop taking money from infant formula milk firms
An abnormal post-procedure chest radiograph
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The NHS's sustainability and transformation plans: doing so much with so little
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Experts and activists discuss how to get “right care” for patients
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Petition urges GSK and Pfizer to lower price of pneumonia vaccine
Why some patients are keeping their heads down
Yoga may improve asthma symptoms, Cochrane review finds
Half of people seen at English hospitals after self harming do not receive mental health assessment
Main paediatric centre in Aleppo is destroyed by airstrike
High Court is expected to hear challenges to junior doctor contract in June
Clause in junior contract that allows terms to vary is “a form of slavery,” says barrister
Consider legalising drugs despite UN treaties, says influential commission
US drug regulator warns manufacturers that it will not accept data from Indian research center
Research funds should be returned if findings can't be reproduced, proposes Merck chief
Over half of qualified GPs are now women, show HSCIC data
Troubled mental health trust is still putting patients at risk, warns CQC