Smaller employers are less likely to provide occupational health support
Oestrogen-containing contraceptive pills increase vitamin D levels, study finds : Oestrogen contraceptives may raise vitamin D
Leading pancreatic cancer researcher is struck off for fabricating data
Nearly half of US pediatric trials are unfinished or unpublished, study finds
HIV charity criticises NHS England over “homophobic” PrEP statement
Curative hepatitis C treatment is effective in drug users, trial shows : Curative hep C treatment helps drug users
Five boosts to GP funding
Trusts spend 25 times more on locum fees than on recruiting for permanent posts
Choice of non-medic to run radiology school was “ill conceived,” says royal college
Caution is urged over “game changing” asthma drug : Asthma “wonder drug” caution urged
Slobodan Lang
Cash strapped CCG plans to halt non-urgent referrals
Physical activity and risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, ischemic heart disease, and ischemic stroke events: systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013
Congenital Zika syndrome with arthrogryposis: retrospective case series study
Not “just” a shoulder dislocation
Blood pressure variability and cardiovascular disease: systematic review and meta-analysis
Blood pressure variability and cardiovascular risk
Meaningless METS: studying the link between physical activity and health
Social networking for patients
Michael Sharpe: Psychiatry was no “waste of a career”
Breathing difficulty in older patients … and other stories
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Avoiding unconscious bias
Stand up for the NHS: Margaret McCartney joins Phil Hammond on stage in Edinburgh
Medicine's solemn moments
Most patients taking warfarin do not maintain stable INR values : INR values not maintained with warfarin
Website aims to help people understand health research : Website to help public understand research
Maternal mortality rates rise in US, study finds
NHS trust may shut emergency department at night because of staffing “crisis”
Junior doctors will have whistleblowing protection added to contracts
Suspected sepsis: summary of NICE guidance
Benign male genital dermatoses
Seven days in medicine: 3-9 August 2016
The pips are squeaking
Ivo Pitanguy
Admission for infection is linked to increased suicide risk : Admission for infection may up suicide risk
Thymectomy improves outcomes in myasthenia gravis, trial shows : Thymectomy best for myasthenia gravis
GP recruits offered £20 000 to train in Scotland
Scotland prioritises action on child poverty
General practice should be recognised as specialty in UK, leaders argue
Brazil to investigate if other factors act with Zika to cause congenital defects
NHS misses key performance targets again in June
History of depression in grandparent and parent may raise risk of the condition : Grandparents may pass on depression risk
NICE recommends ticagrelor with aspirin for three years post-MI : NICE guidance on ticagrelor/aspirin post-MI
David Oliver: Consultant contracts and seven day services
Richard Shayle Bartholomew
Samir Kumar Chatterjee
Andrzej Maciejewski
Robert Marshall Milne
Bernard Nchewa Nwulu
Anne Marion Pearson
CCG ditches plan to suspend non-urgent referrals
Australian medical leaders call for urgent action on reports of abuse of immigrant detainees
Medicaid expansion is associated with improved access to care and self reported health, US study finds
Syrian doctors appeal to President Obama for help
The management of dry eye