Tissue regeneration mesh reinforcement during abdominoplasty for severe myoaponeurotic laxity after pregnancy

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A 28-year-old woman who was 6 months postpartum following her second pregnancy presented with a history of painful protrusion and weakness of her abdominal wall musculature. Despite having had physiotherapy there was no improvement in muscle strength. MRI scan of her abdominal wall was performed which showed significant diastasis of the recti but no herniae were seen. The effect of this on the patient's quality of life was marked, and therefore abdominoplasty with mesh reinforcement was planned. In order to limit the consequences of infection, a Strattice mesh (a tissue regeneration mesh) was selected. Standard panniculectomy and plication of the rectus sheath using non-absorbable sutures was performed, and the mesh sutured to the anterior abdominal wall using an on-lay technique. The patient recovered well from the procedure, with a significant return of functionality to her abdominal wall, enabling her to return to work some3 months later.

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