Antepartum fetal bladder rupture leading to urinary ascitis: attempt to rescue by placement of peritoneo-amniotic shunt

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Fetal bladder rupture is a rare complication occurring due to bladder outlet obstruction, mostly posterior urethral valves. A 26-year-old primigravida presented to us at 27 weeks gestation with an ultrasound report showing gross fetal ascitis and mild oligohydramnios. A repeat scan was performed which showed fetal bladder rupture and urinary ascitis. In conjunction with paediatric surgeon, we performed ultrasound-guided placement of double-ended pigtail catheter connecting the fetal peritoneal cavity with the amniotic cavity at 28 weeks gestation. Ultrasound performed 3 days after the placement of the catheter showed its correct placement. Unfortunately, 1 week after the procedure at 29 weeks gestation, the patient had premature rupture of membranes and later went into labour and delivered vaginally. The neonate could not be revived and expired after few hours of birth due to prematurity-related complications. The placement of the shunt could have probably precipitated preterm rupture of membranes.

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