Lung-sparing approach for an intrapulmonary bronchogenic cyst involving the right upper and middle lobes

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Intrapulmonary bronchogenic cysts (IBC) represent 20% of abnormal budding of the respiratory tract. Lobectomy is the recommended treatment for IBC in symptomatic adults. We presented a case of a patient with an IBC involving the right upper and middle lobes (RUL–RML). A 27-year-old woman presented with a 2-month history of thoracic pain, cough and haemoptysis. An opacity was found on the chest X-ray. High-resolution CT/MRI showed a 7×4.5 cm marginated mass with an air bubble inside. A video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery was performed. The cyst was neither palpable nor visible. An intraoperative ultrasonography localised the cyst involving the RUL–RML. The lung above the cyst was incised, and a greenish-mucoid content was aspirated. A branch of the superior pulmonary vein was visible. The remaining cystic wall was cauterised. The patient was discharged on day 4. Histology confirmed the IBC. The patient is asymptomatic at a 16-month follow-up. The lung-sparing operation in a young woman with IBC involving the RUL–RML has been beneficial. A long-term follow-up is mandatory.

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