Acquired male urethral diverticulum: a complication following artificial urethral sphincter implantation

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The authors report a case of a 72-year-old patient who underwent radical prostatectomy in 2003 due to prostate cancer. During follow-up, he presented with permanent and severe urinary stress incontinence for which he underwent an artificial urinary sphincter implantation in 2009. After infection of the device, followed by the development of a urinary fistula, the artificial urinary sphincter was removed. He presented no new signs or symptoms for 2 years, during which he remained completely incontinent. In April 2012, he developed a painless scrotal swelling close to the median raphe. On manual compression, it showed urinary leakage and disappeared completely, only to reappear several hours later. Auxiliary examinations revealed a bulbar urethral diverticulum which was subsequently excised. A urethroplasty was performed during the same procedure. The patient presented with no further complications. Although still suffering from complete urinary incontinence, he refused any kind of surgery for the time being.

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