Laparoscopic upper pole splenectomy of the simple splenic cyst

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Splenic cysts are rare clinic entities. Non-parasitic cysts are the most frequent cystic lesions of the spleen. In the last decade acknowledgment of the importance of the spleen function, along with development of imaging methods and surgery technics, allowed a conservative approach to be increasingly considered as the best approach in splenic cysts treatment. We present the case of a 34-year-old woman with an asymptomatic simple splenic cyst in the upper pole incidentally diagnosed in a thoracic CT. A laparoscopic upper pole splenectomy was performed on the patient, with no complications. Despite the rareness of this procedure and the fact that it was used in a simple splenic cyst, this article emphasises the idea that this approach is safe, reproducible and advantageous for the patient.

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