Angina bullosa haemorrhagica

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A woman in her early 40s presented with a painless ulceration on the right side of the posterior palate, she had an earlier history of similar lesions after the rupturing of blood filled blisters in the oral cavity. On examination, a diffuse erythematous area and ulcers covered with necrotic slough were noticed on the right and left side of the posterior palate and on the right buccal mucosa. On follow-up visit, a large blood filled blister was noticed in the buccal vestibule. We advised routine haematological investigations to rule out any bleeding disorders and direct immunofluorescence of the affected tissue and perilesional areas to rule out autoimmune blistering conditions. Haematological investigations revealed no abnormalities and immunofluorescence testing was negative. A diagnosis of angina bullosa haemorrhagica was made by excluding all other conditions. Symptomatic treatment was given, patient was educated about the condition and reassured.

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