Neuroma of the distal posterior interosseous nerve: A CAUSE OF IATROGENIC WRIST PAIN

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We describe four women and two men who had persistent wrist pain and reduced function after minor operations on the dorsum, usually for ganglia.They had diffuse pain and paraesthesia over the dorsum of the wrist, thumb, index and middle fingers, which was worse and different from that before operation.

They all had temporary relief of symptoms after block of the posterior interosseous nerve with bupivacaine.Later, excision of the terminal branches of the nerve at the wrist cured three patients completely and gave marked improvement in the other three, with no complications.

Great care is required at operations on the dorsum of the wrist, but pain from a neuroma can be relieved by local excision.

J Bone Joint Surg [Br] 1998;80-B:629-30.

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