The consequences of meniscectomy
Arthroscopic surgery of the hip : CURRENT CONCEPTS AND RECENT ADVANCES
Long-term survival of a cemented titanium-aluminium-vanadium alloy straight-stem femoral component
Long-term outcome of undisplaced fatigue fractures of the femoral neck in young male adults
The course of the inferior gluteal nerve in the posterior approach to the hip
Simultaneous in vitro measurement of patellofemoral kinematics and forces following Oxford medial unicompartmental knee replacement
Should we reconsider all-polyethylene tibial implants in total knee replacement?
The efficacy of intra-articular bupivacaine for relief of pain following arthroscopy of the ankle
Neurolysis is not required for young patients with a spontaneous palsy of the anterior interosseous nerve : RETROSPECTIVE ANALYSIS OF CASES MANAGED NON-OPERATIVELY
Delayed ruptures of the extensor tendon secondary to the use of volar locking compression plates for distal radial fractures
Indometacin as prophylaxis for heterotopic ossification after the operative treatment of fractures of the acetabulum
Predictors of clinical and radiological outcome in patients with fractures of the acetabulum and concomitant posterior dislocation of the hip
Fractures of the distal third of the humerus with palsy of the radial nerve : MANAGEMENT USING MINIMALLY-INVASIVE PERCUTANEOUS PLATE OSTEOSYNTHESIS
The undiagnosed Essex-Lopresti injury
Minimally-invasive treatment of intra-articular fractures of the calcaneum
Limb salvage for osteosarcoma of the distal tibia with resection arthrodesis, autogenous fibular graft and Ilizarov external fixator
Liposarcoma in adult limbs treated by limb-sparing surgery and adjuvant radiotherapy
Fracture of the stem of the femoral component after resurfacing arthroplasty of the hip
Intracranial penetration of a halo pin causing an epileptic seizure
A ceramic prosthesis for the treatment of tumours of the distal radius
Anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 gene transfection of human articular chondrocytes protects against nitric oxide-induced apoptosis
Relative ability of young and mature muscles to respond to limb lengthening
Topographical variation in glycosaminoglycan content in human articular cartilage
R. Blackstock Snowdowne (1939-2006)
The premature failure of the Charnley Elite-Plus stem
The premature failure of the Charnley Elite-Plus stem
The premature failure of the Charnley Elite-Plus stem
The premature failure of the Charnley Elite-Plus stem
Insall & Scott Surgery of the Knee
Textbook of Musculoskeletal Medicine
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