NICE work
The role of polymethylmethacrylate bone cement in modern orthopaedic surgery
The design and assessment of prospective randomised, controlled trials in orthopaedic surgery
What impact have NICE guidelines had on the trends of hip arthroplasty since their publication?
Quality of life and functional outcome after primary total hip replacement
Position of the acetabular component determines the fate of femoral head autografts in total hip replacement for acetabular dysplasia
Revision total hip replacement using cemented collarless double-taper femoral components
The use of graduated compression stockings in association with fondaparinux in surgery of the hip
The role of pain and function in determining patient satisfaction after total knee replacement
Genetic influences in the aetiology of anteromedial osteoarthritis of the knee
Simultaneous mobile- and fixed-bearing total knee replacement in the same patients
The relationship of the angle of immobilisation of the knee to the force applied to the extensor mechanism when partially weight-bearing
The influence of posterior condylar offset on knee flexion after total knee replacement using a cruciate-sacrificing mobile-bearing implant
In situ arthrodesis with lateral-wall ostectomy for the sequelae of fracture of the os calcis
Arthrodesis of the hindfoot for valgus deformity
The pathology of frozen shoulder
Thermometric diagnosis of peripheral nerve injuries
Antegrade Rush nailing for fractures of the distal humerus
Precision tumour resection and reconstruction using image-guided computer navigation
The value of MRI undertaken immediately after reduction of the hip as a predictor of long-term acetabular dysplasia
Compartment syndrome following ankle sprain
Pseudofracture of the neck of femur secondary to osteomalacia
Acute near-fatal necrotising fasciitis complicating a primary total hip replacement
Cement penetration and primary stability of the femoral component after impaction allografting
The internervous safe zone for incision of the capsule of the hip
Chondrocyte apoptosis in the regenerated articular cartilage after allogenic chondrocyte transplantation in the rabbit knee
Locally administered low-dose alendronate increases bone mineral density during distraction osteogenesis in a rabbit model
Blood and urine metal ion levels in young and active patients after Birmingham hip resurfacing arthroplasty
Blood and urine metal ion levels in young and active patients after Birmingham hip resurfacing arthroplasty
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Orthopaedic surgery essentials: sports medicine
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