Frank Horan Essay Prize
New trends and techniques in open reduction and internal fixation of fractures of the tibial plateau
The influence of pre–operative factors on the length of in–patient stay following primary total hip replacement for osteoarthritis : A MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS OF 2302 PATIENTS
Femoral impaction bone grafting with the Exeter stem – the Swedish experience : SURVIVORSHIP ANALYSIS OF 1305 REVISIONS PERFORMED BETWEEN 1989 AND 2002
Charnley low–frictional torque arthroplasty : FOLLOW–UP FOR 30 TO 40 YEARS
Revision following cemented and uncemented primary total hip replacement : A SEVEN–YEAR ANALYSIS FROM THE NEW ZEALAND JOINT REGISTRY
Digital templating in hip replacement with and without radiological markers
The incidence of the patellar clunk syndrome in a recently designed mobile–bearing posteriorly stabilised total knee replacement
The effect of leg alignment on the outcome of unicompartmental knee replacement
The intra–operative joint gap in cruciate–retaining compared with posterior–stabilised total knee replacement
Total ankle replacement in patients with significant pre–operative deformity of the hindfoot
Chronic diabetic ulcers under the first metatarsal head treated by staged tendon balancing : A PROSPECTIVE COHORT STUDY
The prevalence of hallux valgus and its association with foot pain and function in a rural Korean community
Osteochondral autologous transplantation for the treatment of full–thickness cartilage defects of the shoulder : RESULTS AT NINE YEARS
Bursectomy compared with acromioplasty in the management of subacromial impingement syndrome : A PROSPECTIVE RANDOMISED STUDY
The supination deformity and associated deformities of the upper limb in severe birth lesions of the brachial plexus
The prediction of outcome in somatised patients undergoing elective lumbar surgery
Central bone grafting for nonunion of fractures of the tibia : A RETROSPECTIVE SERIES
Painful hemiarthroplasty due to acetabular erosion : A NEW TECHNIQUE OF TREATMENT
Isolated pseudogout diagnosed on hip arthroscopy
Delayed presentation of carotid artery dissection following major orthopaedic trauma resulting in dense hemiparesis
Is a valgus position of the femoral component in hip resurfacing protective against spontaneous fracture of the femoral neck? : A BIOMECHANICAL STUDY
A lateral approach to the distal humerus following identification of the cutaneous branches of the radial nerve
The influence of the mechanical environment on remodelling of the patellar tendon
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