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CME quEstions - January 2010
Orthopaedic aspects of paediatric nonaccidental injury
Metal-backed acetabular components with conventional polyethylene
The Durom Large Diameter Head acetabular component
Genetic influences in the aetiology of femoroacetabular impingement
Prognostic factors and long-term outcomes following a modified Thompson's quadricepsplasty for severely stiff knees
Posteromedial meniscocapsular injury associated with rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament
Free vascularised iliac bone graft for recalcitrant avascular nonunion of the scaphoid
Flexor carpi ulnaris tendon transfer to the split brachioradialis tendon to restore supination in paralytic forearms
Migration of the humeral component of the Souter-Strathclyde elbow prosthesis
Coccygectomy: an effective treatment option for chronic coccydynia
Neglected traumatic dislocation of the subaxial cervical spine
Fractures of the acetabulum in patients aged 60 years and older
Age-specific incidence of first and second fractures of the hip
Elastofibroma dorsi: management, outcome and review of the literature
Management of combined nonunion and limb-length discrepancy after vascularised fibular grafting
Correcting genu varum and genu valgum in children by guided growth
Transfer of the tendon of tibialis anterior in relapsed congenital clubfoot
A case of necrotising fasciitis caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Severe rotational deformity, quadriparesis and respiratory embarrassment due to osteomyelitis at the occipito-atlantoaxial junction
Bilateral hip replacement in three patients with lysosomal storage disease: Mucopolysaccharidosis type IV and Mucolipidosis type III
Ulnar dimelia without duplicated arterial anatomy
Lack of a central role for osteoprogenitor cells from the femoral canal in heterotopic ossification of the hip
The prophylactic effects of platelet-leucocyte gel in osteomyelitis
Is the human acetabulofemoral joint spherical?
The use of three types of suture and stainless steel wire tension banding for the fixation of simulated olecranon fractures
The use of silk fibroin/hydroxyapatite composite co-cultured with rabbit bone-marrow stromal cells in the healing of a segmental bone defect
Revision and complex shoulder arthroplasty
Neurotrauma and critical care of the spine
Arthroscopic techniques of the shoulder