Fractures of the pelvis
Earlier diagnosis of bone and soft-tissue tumours
Resurfacing registers concern
The ABC Travelling Fellowship 2010
Early failure of the Ultima metal-on-metal total hip replacement in the presence of normal plain radiographs
Changes in bone mineral density in the proximal femur after hip resurfacing and uncemented total hip replacement: A PROSPECTIVE RANDOMISED CONTROLLED STUDY
The histology around the cemented Müller straight stem: A POST-MORTEM ANALYSIS OF EIGHT WELL-FIXED STEMS WITH A MEAN FOLLOW-UP OF 12.1 YEARS
Transient subluxation of the femoral head after total hip replacement
The relationship between head-neck ratio and pseudotumour formation in metal-onmetal resurfacing arthroplasty of the hip
Rates of infection and revision in patients with renal disease undergoing total knee replacement in Scotland
Total ankle replacement in association with hindfoot fusion: OUTCOME AND COMPLICATIONS
Anterior fusion alone compared with combined anterior and posterior fusion for the treatment of degenerative cervical kyphosis
Osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures with an intravertebral cleft treated by percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty
Initial shortening and internal fixation in combination with a Sauvé-Kapandji procedure for severely comminuted fractures of the distal radius in elderly patients
Early or delayed limb lengthening after acute shortening in the treatment of traumatic below-knee amputations and Gustilo and Anderson type IIIC open tibial fractures: THE RESULTS OF A CASE SERIES
The outcome of pelvic reconstruction with non-vascularised fibular grafts after resection of bone tumours
Free vascularised fibular graft for reconstruction of defects of the lower limb after resection of tumour
The prognosis for patients with osteosarcoma who have received prior manipulative therapy
The association between clubfoot and developmental dysplasia of the hip
A modified Gaines procedure for spondyloptosis
Metastatic adenocarcinoma after intramedullary fixation of a tibial fracture: A REPORT OF TWO CASES
Delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction to piperacillin/tazobactam in a patient with an infected total knee replacement
Intercarpal ligamentous laxity in cadaveric wrists
Enhancement of bone formation in an experimental bony defect using ferumoxidelabelled mesenchymal stromal cells and a magnetic targeting system
Ablation of bone cells by electroporation
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