The Bone and Joint Decade 2000 to 2010
What are the radiological predictors of functional outcome following fractures of the distal radius?
Biodegradable antibiotic delivery systems
A medium-term comparison of hybrid hip replacement and Birmingham hip resurfacing in active young patients
Adverse reaction to metal debris following hip resurfacing
Short- and long-term mortality following primary total hip replacement for osteoarthritis
Late peri-prosthetic femoral fracture as a major mode of failure in uncemented primary hip replacement
Morphological analysis of collapsed regions in osteonecrosis of the femoral head
The effect of surface finish and interstitial fluid on the cement-in-cement interface in revision surgery of the hip
Posterolateral corner injuries of the knee : A SERIOUS INJURY COMMONLY MISSED
Minimally invasive Oxford phase 3 unicompartmental knee replacement
Early metallosis-related failure after total knee replacement
A multicentre study of the long-term results of using a flat-back polyethylene glenoid component in shoulder replacement for primary osteoarthritis
Surgical treatment of spontaneous posterior interosseous nerve palsy
Comminuted fractures of the radial head and neck
Outcomes of acetabular fracture fixation with ten years' follow-up
Biomechanical testing of a concept of posterior pelvic reconstruction in rotationally and vertically unstable fractures
Biomechanical comparison of interfragmentary compression in transverse fractures of the olecranon
Is routine chemical thromboprophylaxis after total hip replacement really necessary in a Japanese population?
Combined pelvic osteotomy for the bipartite acetabulum in late developmental dysplasia of the hip : A TEN-YEAR PROSPECTIVE STUDY
Elastic intramedullary nailing of paediatric fractures of the forearm
Gitelman's syndrome
Re-ossification of the pelvis following hemipelvectomy for trauma
Luxatio erecta of the hip
Entrapment of the sciatic nerve following closed reduction of a dislocated revision total hip replacement
Hyperosmolarity protects chondrocytes from mechanical injury in human articular cartilage : AN EXPERIMENTAL REPORT
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