Groin pain after replacement of the hip:AETIOLOGY, EVALUATION AND TREATMENT
Conservative management of patients with an osteoporotic vertebral fracture: A REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE
Porous metal revision shells for management of contained acetabular bone defects at a mean follow-up of six years: A COMPARISON BETWEEN UP TO 50% BLEEDING HOST BONE CONTACT AND MORE THAN 50% CONTACT
The 15° face-changing acetabular component for treatment of osteoarthritis secondary to developmental dysplasia of the hip
The use of femoral struts and impacted cancellous bone allograft in patients with severe femoral bone loss who undergo revision total hip replacement: A THREE- TO NINE-YEAR FOLLOW-UP
Early results of a novel technique using multiple small tantalum pegs for the treatment of osteonecrosis of the femoral head: A CASE SERIES INVOLVING 26 HIPS
Use of multimodal intra-operative monitoring in averting nerve injury during complex hip surgery
Long-term results of arthroscopic excision of unstable osteochondral lesions of the lateral femoral condyle
Comparison of medial and lateral meniscal transplantation with regard to extrusion of the allograft, and its correlation with clinical outcome
A prospective study comparing the functional outcome of computer-assisted and conventional total knee replacement
Predictors of mortality after total knee replacement A TEN-YEAR SURVIVORSHIP ANALYSIS
Acceleration of tendon-bone healing in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using an enamel matrix derivative in a rat model
Incidence of venous thromboembolism in elective foot and ankle surgery with and without aspirin prophylaxis
Responsiveness of the Manchester-Oxford foot questionnaire (MOXFQ) compared with AOFAS, SF-36 and EQ-5D assessments following foot or ankle surgery
Clinical and radiological results following radial osteotomy in patients with Kienböck's disease FOUR- TO 18-YEAR FOLLOW-UP
The effects of an injury to the brain on bone healing and callus formation in young adults with fractures of the femoral shaft
Multiple fractures in the elderly
Factors affecting the incidence of deep wound infection after hip fracture surgery
Does plugging unused combination screw holes improve the fatigue life of fixation with locking plates in comminuted supracondylar fractures of the femur?
The relationship between microbiology results in the second of a two-stage exchange procedure using cement spacers and the outcome after revision total joint replacement for infection: THE USE OF SONICATION TO AID BACTERIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS
Do forced air patient-warming devices disrupt unidirectional downward airflow?
Apixaban versus enoxaparin for thromboprophylaxis after hip or knee replacement: POOLED ANALYSIS OF MAJOR VENOUS THROMBOEMBOLISM AND BLEEDING IN 8464 PATIENTS FROM THE ADVANCE-2 AND ADVANCE-3 TRIALS
Early results of a non-invasive extendible prosthesis for limb-salvage surgery in children with bone tumours
Efficacy and late complications of percutaneous epiphysiodesis with transphyseal screws
Predictors of the accuracy of quotation of references in peer-reviewed orthopaedic literature in relation to publications on the scaphoid
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