The role of the design of tibial components and stems in knee replacement
A reappraisal of functional reconstruction of extension of the knee following quadriceps resection or loss
Diffusion tensor imaging of the spinal cord and its clinical applications
Cost savings of using a cemented total hip replacement
Changes in bone mineral density of the acetabulum, femoral neck and femoral shaft, after hip resurfacing and total hip replacement
The sensitivity, specificity and predictive values of raised plasma metal ion levels in the diagnosis of adverse reaction to metal debris in symptomatic patients with a metal-on-metal arthroplasty of the hip
Does a mobile-bearing, high-flexion design increase knee flexion after total knee replacement?
The effect of surgical factors on early patientreported outcome measures (PROMS) following total knee replacement
Long-term outcome in an uncemented, hydroxyapatite-coated total knee replacement
Oxford phase 3 unicompartmental knee replacement in Korean patients
Diagnostic accuracy of imaging modalities for suspected scaphoid fractures
Arthroscopic subacromial decompression is effective in selected patients with shoulder impingement syndrome
Correction of dorsally-malunited extraarticular distal radial fractures using volar locked plates without bone grafting
CT scanning reduces the risk of missing a fracture of the thoracolumbar spine
The role of fusion in the management of burst fractures of the thoracolumbar spine treated by short segment pedicle screw fixation
The treatment of unstable fractures of the ankle using the Acumed fibular nail
More re-operations after uncemented than cemented hemiarthroplasty used in the treatment of displaced fractures of the femoral neck: AN OBSERVATIONAL STUDY OF 11 116 HEMIARTHROPLASTIES FROM A NATIONAL REGISTER
Patient-reported complications after elective joint replacement surgery: ARE THEY CORRECT?
Metal hypersensitivity testing in patients undergoing joint replacement: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW
The assessment of the risk of fracture in femora with metastatic lesions: COMPARING CASE-SPECIFIC FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSES WITH PREDICTIONS BY CLINICAL EXPERTS
The Baumann procedure to correct equinus gait in children with diplegic cerebral palsy: LONG-TERM RESULTS
Arthroscopic partial limbectomy for labral injury of the hip: A CASE WITH A 16-YEAR FOLLOW-UP
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