In the footsteps of giants
The pathogenesis of degeneration of the intervertebral disc and emerging therapies in the management of back pain
Proximal interphalangeal joint replacement in patients with arthritis of the hand
FRAX and the assessment of the risk of developing a fragility fracture
The radiological assessment of total and unicompartmental knee replacements
▪ HIP Risk factors associated with surgical site infection in 30 491 primary total hip replacements
The removal of acetabular bone in hip resurfacing and cementless total hip replacement
Early micromovement of the Articular Surface Replacement (ASR) femoral component
Does obesity influence clinical outcome at nine years following total knee replacement?
Mobile-bearing lateral unicompartmental knee replacement with the Oxford domed tibial component
Evaluation of the relationship between anteroposterior translation of a posterior cruciate ligament-retaining total knee replacement and functional outcome
Differences in long-term fixation between mobile-bearing and fixed-bearing knee prostheses at ten to 12 years' follow-up
Does the posterolateral bundle influence rotational movement more than the anteromedial bundle in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction?
The adverse effect of elevated body mass index on outcome after autologous chondrocyte implantation
Management of peri-prosthetic fracture of the humerus with severe bone loss and loosening of the humeral component after total shoulder replacement
▪ UPPER LIMB: Collagenase for Dupuytren's disease of the thumb
Hybrid versus total pedicle screw instrumentation in patients undergoing surgery for neuromuscular scoliosis
Spondylodiscitis in infancy
The clinical and radiological outcome of pulsed electromagnetic field treatment for acute scaphoid fractures
Modification of the Resch procedure
The outcomes of navigation-assisted bone tumour surgery
Somatosensory evoked potential monitoring of peripheral nerves during external fixation for limb lengthening and correction of deformity in children
Smoking affects mRNA expression of bone morphogenetic proteins in human periosteum
The role of the sensory nerve response in ultrasound accelerated fracture repair
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