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Twenty-five cases of chronic osteomyelitis are presented, in which discharging sinuses had been present for an average of nineteen months. Many types of treatment had been tried, without success. In an effort to promote healing, a plan of therapy was evolved upon the following principles:1. Thorough investigation of the wound bacteria;2. Radical sequestrectomy after adequate preoperative preparation;3. The use of streptomycin and penicillin before, during, and after surgery;4. Meticulous wound care after surgery to prevent contamination.Twenty-one patients have responded very favorably to this regimen, and their wounds have healed. Four patients failed to respond; and all have had amputations.The author wishes to emphasize strongly that the use of streptomycin offers no panacea for the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis. The drug is not a replacement for adequate surgery; but, when combined with thorough sequestrectomy, it is beneficial in the promotion of healing.No statement is made with regard to recurrence of drainage in these patients. No claim is made that the course of the disease has been altered permanently or that a cure has been obtained in any case. However, the salutary response of the patients to this treatment, which allowed their prompt return to a healthy, useful life, has persuaded the author to present this study as a preliminary report.

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