Benign Chondroblastoma

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Benign chondroblastoma is a distinetive lesion of bone. Because of its histological features it falls logically into the group of benign tumors of cartilaginous derivation, in which chondromata, osteocartilaginous exostoses, and chondromyxoid fibromata also belong. The series of cases on which the authors' paper is based demonstrates that there is a close relationship between chondromyxoid fibroma and chondroblastoma.This study re-emphasizes the benign nature of chondroblastoma and its favorable response to conservative surgical management. No malignant counterpart or malignant transformation of this tumor was encountered by the authors.Since the patients in this series range in age from the first through the sixth decade, it is evident that the age span of patients with this neoplasm is greater than the literature indicates.Four instances of benign chondroblastomata in the innominate bones and two of lesions in the scapula represent previously unrecorded sites for this tumor.

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