A New Long-Stem Intramedullary Vitallium Hip Prosthesis: PRELIMINARY REPORT

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A new long-stem intramedullary Vitallium prosthesis is described. The preliminary results indicate that it ensures restoration of a more normal hip without pain (Figs. 13-A and 13-B). Results in thirty-seven hips of thirty-four patients with a two-year follow-up warrant the conclusion that the prosthesis is mechanically sound with less tendency for the stem to loosen in the femur and cause pain. Its stem design automatically adjusts to bone erosion, and the greater neck valgus14and stem length reduce torque.The prosthesis, which has now been used in more than 132 hips, has continued to prove as satisfactory as in the first thirty-seven hips reported here. A report after a five-year follow-up will be needed to establish the true value of this prosthesis.

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