Chondrosarcoma of the Extraskeletal Soft Tissues: A REPORT OF SEVEN CASES AND REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE

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Seven examples of chondrosarcoma of the extraskeletal soft tissues are presented together with a review of nineteen previously reported cases. There was considerable variation in the size of the tumors. The age range of the patients was wide. Males predominated seventeen to nine. The lesions may appear as either a painless or painful tumor which may or may not be visualized on the roentgenogram as a tumor with or without stippling. In a few of the cases the exact anatomical site of origin of the lesion could not be determined; in the others the tumor was found to arise from a bursa, muscle, fascia, or connective tissue. No tumor arose from bone, cartilage, or periosteum. The tumors usually were firm peripherally and soft centrally. The cut surfaces showed wide variations in color. The lesions have the same histological features as chondrosarcoma of bone and showed marked variation in the matrix and the cellular elements. Treatment should consist in excisional biopsy followed by definitive wide resection. Amputation is indicated when the tumor recurs or when bone has been invaded. Since recurrence has been reported as early as two months and as late as fifteen years after the primary operation, all patients should be carefully followed. Eleven of the tumors recurred and four metastasized. The exact incidence of recurrence and metastases is not known because of inadequate follow-up which exceeded five years in only four of the cases. Follow-up was either not recorded or was less than five years in twenty-two cases.

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