Rotatory Instability of the Knee
Pes Anserinus Transplantation
Penetration of the Lung by the Paravertebral Abscess in Tuberculosis of the Spine
Operative Treatment of Tuberculosis of the Spine in Old People
Meningeal Pseudocysts (Meningocele spurius) Following Laminectomy
Late Results of Cervical Discectomy and Interbody Fusion
Vertebral Osteotomy for Correction of Fixed Flexion Deformity of the Spine
Anomalies of the Occipitocervical Articulation
Multiple Myeloma with Cord Compression
Osteogenic Induction by Osteosarcoma and Normal Bone in Mice
The Trace Elements of Human Bone
An Analysis of Thirty Patients Surviving Longer than Ten Years after Treatment for Osteogenic Sarcoma
Performance of a Hinged Metal Knee Prosthesis
Keratin Cysts in Phalangeal Bones
An Unusual Case of Coxa Vara, Characterized by Varying Degrees of Metaphyseal Changes and Multiple Slipped Epiphyses
Vascular and Visceral Injuries During Lumbar-Disc Surgery
Vascular Complications of Disc Surgery
Closed Space Infection Following Removal of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc
Neural Complications of Disc Surgery
Local Complications
HAROLD W. GLATTLY, M.D. 1902-1967
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