Microangiography in Bone Healing : II. DISPLACED CLOSED FRACTURES
An Ultrastructural Study of Normal Young Adult Human Articular Cartilage
The Electron Microscopy of Regenerating Synovium After Subtotal Synovectomy in Rabbits
Thallium Chondrodystrophy in Chick Embryos : AN HISTOLOGICAL AND BIOCHEMICAL INVESTIGATION
Effect of Fluoride on Disuse Osteoporosis in the Cat
Giant Synovial Cysts of the Calf in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
The Question of Lumbar Discography
Degenerative Changes in the Metatarsophalangeal Joints after Surgical Correction of Severe Hammer-Toe Deformities : A COMPLICATION ASSOCIATED WITH AVASCULAR NECROSIS IN THREE CASES
Spinal (Meningeal) Melanoma : A CASE REPORT
Spinal-Cord Compression in Untreated Adult Cases of Vitamin-D Resistant Rickets
Traumatic Anterior Dislocation of the Hip with Acute Common Femoral Occlusion in a Child
Hernia through an Iliac Bone-Graft Donor Site : A CASE REPORT
The High-Bellied Popliteus Muscle : AN ANOMALY OF THE POPLITEUS MUSCLE
Circulation and the Skeletal System : INTRODUCTION
Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology of the Blood Supply of Bones
The Normal Microcirculation of Diaphyseal Cortex and Its Response to Fracture
Fundamental Concepts in Bone-Blood Flow Studies
Physiology of Blood Circulation of Bone
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