Osteomyelitis in the Patient with Sickle-Cell Disease : DIAGNOSIS AND MANAGEMENT
Traumatic Dislocation of the Knee Joint : A STUDY OF EIGHTEEN CASES
The In Vitro Antibacterial Effectiveness of Antibiotic-Detergent Combinations : PRELIMINARY STUDIES USING ALEVAIRE, PENICILLIN G, METHICILLIN, AND OXACILLIN
Hip-Mold Arthroplasty and Postoperative Infection : A METHOD OF SALVAGE USED IN TEN PATIENTS
Femoral and Tibial Fractures Combined with Injuries to the Femoral or Popliteal Artery : A REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE AND ANALYSIS OF FOURTEEN CASES
Chemical Basis for the Histological Use of Safranin O in the Study of Articular Cartilage
Bone-Mineral Estimation in Normal and Osteoporotic Women : A COMPARABILITY TRIAL OF FOUR METHODS AND SEVEN BONE SITES
Sintered Fiber Metal Composites as a Basis for Attachment of Implants to Bone
Hyperplastic Callus Formation in Osteogenesis Imperfecta Simulating Osteosarcoma
Cauliflower Growths in Neuropathic Plantar Ulcers in Leprosy Patients
Tophectomy and Bone-Grafting for Extensive Tophi of the Feet
Biceps Brachii Rerouting in Treatment of Paralytic Supination Contracture of the Forearm
Keratoacanthoma vs. Squamous-Cell Carcinoma : A CRITICAL DIFFERENTIATION
Parosteal Osteogenic Sarcoma of a Metacarpal Bone : A CASE REPORT
Post-Traumatic Subarticular Cyst of Bone : A CASE REPORT
Glomus-Cell Tumors in the Lower Extremity : REPORT OF TWO CASES
Aberrant Index (First) Lumbrical Tendinous Origin Associated with Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome : A CASE REPORT
Nerve-Root Entrapment in "Traumatic" Extradural Arachnoid Cyst
Delayed Sciatic-Nerve Entrapment Following the Use of Self-Curing Acrylic : A CASE REPORT
Traumatic Hemipelvectomy in a Ten-Year-Old Boy
Complete Acromionectomy in the Treatment of Chronic Tendinitis of the Shoulder : A FOLLOW-UP OF NINETY OPERATIONS ON EIGHTY-SEVEN PATIENTS
Kilograms and Kiloponds : Mass, Force, or Weight?
Treatment of Tennis Elbow with Forearm Support Band
Another Way to Manage the Split-Thickness Skin Donor Site
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