Arthroplasty of the Knee in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
Innominate Osteotomy in Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease
Anterior Acromioplasty for the Chronic Impingement Syndrome in the Shoulder
Transfer of the Extensor Digiti Quinti to Restore Pinch in Ulnar Palsy of the Hand
Supracondylar Fractures of Humerus—Prevention of Cubitus Varus
Retroperitoneal Abscess and Septic Arthritis of the Hip in Children
Multiple Congenital Dislocations Associated with Other Skeletal Anomalies (Larsen's Syndrome) in Three Siblings
Pelvic Instability
Periosteal Chondroma
Metabolic and Immunologic Studies of Perfused Bone in Vitro
Early Metabolic Responses of Bone to Immobilization
Cartilage Changes Following a Single Episode of Infarction of the Capital Femoral Epiphysis in the Dog
Simultaneous Quantification of 3H-Collagen Loss and 1H-Collagen Replacement During Healing of Rat Tendon Grafts
A Comparison of the Physical Behavior of Normal Articular Cartilage and the Arthroplasty Surface
Complete Agenesis of the Lumbosacral Spine
Antecubital Cysts in Rheumatoid Arthritis-A Corollary to Popliteal (Baker's) Cysts
Infrapatellar Traumatic Neuroma Resulting from Dashboard Injury
The Hand in Paget's Disease of Bone
Synovial Chondromatosis of the Hip Joint Presenting as an Intrapelvic Mass
Transposition of the Greater Trochanter
A Case of Adult-Onset Vitamin-D Resistant Osteomalacia with Elevated Plasma Parathyroid Hormone Level
FRITZ TEAL 1904-1971
EDWARD T. HASLAM, M.D. 1915-1971
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