Scheuermann's kyphosis. Results of surgical treatment by posterior spine arthrodesis in twenty-two patients
The association of scoliosis and congenital heart defects
Progression of congenital scoliosis due to hemivertebrae and hemivertebrae with bars
Degenerative spondylolisthesis. Predisposing factors
Scoliosis with spontaneous transposition of the spinal cord. Clinical and autopsy study
Preoperative psychological tests as predictors of success of chemonucleolysis in the treatment of the low-back syndrome
Silastic arthroplasty of the metacarpophalangeal joints in rheumatoid arthritis
Opponensplasty in intrinsic-muscle paralysis of the thumb in leprosy
Femoral fractures in conjunction with total hip replacement
Paralytic dislocation of the hip in myelodysplasia. The role of the adductor transfer
Osteochondritis dissecans in Legg-Calve-Perthes disease
Normal postural stability and steadiness : quantitative assessment
Bone composition and phosphatase activity in magnesium deficiency in rats
The effects of magnesium deficiency on the host response to intramuscular bone matric implanted in the rat
In vitro wear of articular cartilage
Gram-negative osteomyelitis following puncture wounds of the foot
A simplified compression arthrodesis of the shoulder
Orthopaedic aspects of the Schwartz syndrome
A fixed-ankle, below-the-knee orthosis for the management of genu recurvation in spastic cerebral palsy
Contact dermatitis in surgeons from methylmethacrylate bone cement
Chondroblastoma of the pelvis suggestive of malignancy
Osseous xanthoma and multiple hand tumors as a complication of hyperlipidemia. Report of a case
Median-nerve compression complicating a tendon graft prosthesis
Hypertrophy of the flexor carpi ulnaris as a cause of ulnar-nerve compression in the distal part of the forearm. Case report
Clostridium welchii arthritis. Case report
Mycobacterium kansasii tendinitis and fasciitis. Report of a case treated successfully with drug therapy alone
Giant intra-articular osteochondroma of the knee
Rupture of the flexor tendons of the index finger after Colles' fracture. Case report
An axial guide for total knee arthroplasty
Soviet-American Cooperative Study on the Surgical Treatment of Arthritis OCTOBER 21-31, 1974
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