Hemophilic arthropathy. Current concepts of pathogenesis and management
Congenital dislocation of the hip. The relationship of premanipulation traction and age to avascular necrosis of the femoral head
Wrist arthrodesis in paralyzed arms of children
Early arthrodesis for a flail shoulder in young children
Instability of the subtalar joint. Diagnosis by stress tomography in three cases
Ewing's sarcoma -- functional effects of radiation therapy
Cervical orthoses. A study comparing their effectiveness in restricting cervical motion in normal subjects
Dysplasia of the odontoid process in Morquio's syndrome causing quadriparesis
Ectopic ossification after total hip arthroplasty. Predisposing factors, frequency, and effect on results
Ipsilateral hip and knee replacements as a single surgical procedure
A longitudinal study of the radiolucent line at the bone-cement interface following total joint-replacement procedures
Fractures of the scapula. An analysis of forty cases and a review of the literature
Flexible (silicone) implant arthroplasty of the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb
Fracture healing in rat femora as affected by functional weight-bearing
The effect of fixation with intramedullary rods and plates on fracture-site blood flow and bone remodeling in dogs
Experimental sensory reinnervation of the median nerve by nerve transfer in monkeys
Roentgenographic search for avascular necrosis of the head of the femur in alcoholics and normal adults
Spurious "benign osteoblastoma". A case report
Chondrosarcoma of the proximal phalanx of the finger. Review of the literature and report of a case
Exertional anterolateral-compartment syndrome. Case report with fascial defect, muscle herniation, and superficial peroneal-nerve entrapment
Massive osteolysis of the scapula and ribs. A case report
Exercise myopathy of the extensor carpi ulnaris muscle. Report of a case
Bilateral fracture of the pedicles through the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae with anterior displacement of the vertebral bodies. Case report
Agenesis of the iliac bone. A case report
Restoration of the extensor pollicis longus tendon by an intercalated graft
Injury to the median and ulnar nerves secondary to fracture of the radius. A case report
Human bite infections of the hand
Tensile strength of wire-reinforced bone cement and twisted stainless-steel wire
An alternate method of trochanteric reattachment in total hip replacement
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