Partial or complete resection of the hemipelvis. An alternative to hindquarter amputation for periacetabular chondrosarcoma of the pelvis.
Resection and reconstruction for primary neoplasms involving the innominate bone.
Reconstruction of the pelvic ring following tumor resection.
The effect of methylmethacrylate on bacterial phagocytosis and killing by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes.
Controlled trial of low-dose heparin and sulfinpyrazone to prevent venous thromboembolism after operation on the hip.
Metastatic tumors involving the cervical vertebrae : surgical palliation.
Heterotopic ossification around the hip in spinal cord-injured patients. A long-term follow-up study.
The Jones fracture revisited.
Effects of medial meniscectomy in patients older than forty years.
Arthroscopy of the knee. Evaluation of an out-patient preocedure under local anesthesia.
Arthrodesis in failed total knee replacement.
Hoke triple arthrodesis.
Results of reduction and stabilization of the severely fractured thoracic and lumbar spine.
Congenital thoracic lordosis.
Osteotomy for tibia vara in Paget's disease under cover of calcitonin.
Arterial hypertension induced by femoral lengthening. A canine model.
Treatment of unicameral bone cysts by curettage and packing with plaster-of-Paris pellets.
Ambulation in thoracic paraplegia.
Diffuse pigmented villonodular synovitis of the knee mimicking primary bone neoplasms. A report of two cases.
Pigmented villonodular synovitis involving bone. Case report.
Benign osteoblastoma of the thoracic spine. Case report with fifteen-year follow-up.
Minute synovial sarcoma in the occult non-palpable phase. A case report.
Hangman's fracture with non-union and late cord compression. A case report.
Entrapment occlusion of the ulnar artery in the hand. A case report.
Decreased uptake in bone scans ("cold lesions") in metastatic carcinoma. Two case reports.
Spinal deformity secondary to scar formation in a battered child. A case report.
Premature monomelic growth arrest following fracture of the femoral shaft. A case report.
The use of the Orthopaedic Educational Computer Data Bank to determine cognitive "profiles" of the orthopaedic in-training examinations. From the Committee on Examinations and Evaluation of The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Chicago.
Special qualification : its implication for education and practice.
Harry Dunlap Morris, 1906--1978.
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