Management of severe spondylolisthesis in children and adolescents.
Surgical management of thoracic kyphosis in adolescents.
Ipsilateral concomitant fractures of the hip and femoral shaft.
Intra-articular acetabular labrum
Lengthening of the elbow flexors in cerebral palsy.
Gross and histological abnormalities of the talus in congenital club foot.
The effect of hypotensive anesthesia on cephalothin concentrations in bone and muscle of patients undergoing total hip replacement.
Functional adaptation of bone to increased stress. An experimental study.
In vitro measurements of knee stability after bicondylar replacement.
Movement patterns of interosseus-minus fingers.
Annular constricting bands.
Recurrent anterior dislocation of the shoulder. Results after the Bankart and Putti-Platt operations.
Fracture-separation of the distal humeral epiphysis in young children.
The semiconstrained total shoulder arthroplasty.
Atlanto-axial subluxation in children due to vertebral anomalies.
Ligament injuries in the knees of children.
Chondrolysis of the hips associated with severe burns. A case report.
Progressive diaphyseal dysplasia. Report of a case with thirty-four years of progressive disease.
Adamantinoma of the ischium. Case report.
Intra-osseous lipoma of the proximal part of the femur. Case report.
Ewing's sarcoma presenting with a coexistent bacterial organism. A case report.
Osteosarcoma occurring in osteogenesis imperfecta. A case report.
Acetabular cyst in a child. A case report.
Compression of the deep branch of the ulnar nerve by an intraneural cyst. Case report.
Osteomyelitis of the rib presenting as painful torticollis. Case report.
Intra-articular dislocation of the patella. A case report.
Recurrent bilateral mid-tarsal subluxations. A case report.
Calcified abscess in the ulnar nerve in a patient with leprosy. A case report.
Severe congenital genu recurvatum. Case report.
Volar perilunar dislocation. A case report.
Subcutaneous atrophy following methylprednisolone injection in Osgood-Schlatter epiphysitis.
Resection of the proximal third of the femur for chondrosarcoma in a child
A simplified method for the removal of screws with damaged heads.
Henry L. Jaffe, M. D., 1896-1979.
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