Reconstruction of the hip. A mathematical approach to determine optimum geometric relationships.
The effect of total hip replacement and general surgery on antithrombin III in relation to venous thrombosis.
Acute renal failure after total hip replacement.
A method for the postmortem evaluation of an in situ total hip replacement.
Glenohumeral arthrodesis. Operative and long-term functional results.
Spine deformity in neurofibromatosis. A review of one hundred and two patients.
Cervical spine abnormalities in neurofibromatosis.
Vertebral excision for kyphosis in children with myelomeningocele.
Acute anterolateral rotatory instability of the knee.
Injury to the anterior cruciate ligament producing the pivot-shift sign.
A new method of patellectomy for patellofemoral arthritis.
Lateral hamstring transfer and gait improvement in the cerebral palsy patient.
An innovative removable rigid dressing technique for below-the-knee amputation.
A fluted intramedullary rod for subtrochanteric fractures.
Congenital radio-ulnar synostosis : surgical treatment.
In vitro measurement of articular cartilage deformations in the intact human hip joint under load.
Normal range of motion of joints in male subjects.
The surgical treatment of heterotopic ossification at the elbow following long-term coma.
Turn-up osteoplasty for tibial defect from osteomyelitis.
Unilateral facet dislocation between the fifth lumbar and first sacral vertebrae. Case report.
Infantile cortical hyperostosis. Case report.
Chronic bursitis caused by Phialophora richardsiae. A case report.
Deep venous occlusion as the initial presentation of osteogenic sarcoma of the sacrum. A case report.
Postoperative separation of the femoral and acetabular components of a single-assembly total hip (Bateman) replacement.
Anterior fracture-dislocation of the proximal interphalangeal joint. A case report.
Tendon rupture as a complication of screw fixation in fractures in the hand. A case report.
Peroneal compartment syndrome secondary to rupture of the peroneus longus. A case report.
Internal fixation of fracture of the head of the radius. Two case reports.
Medial displacement of the shaft of the radius with a fracture of the radial neck. Report of a case.
Open fracture of the tibia and fibula complicated by infection with Aeromonas hydrophila. A case report.
A teaching model for instruction in the manipulation of infant foot deformities.
George J. Garceau, M.D. 1896--1977.
Raymond Earl Lenhard, M.D. 1898--1978.
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