Arthroscopy in acute traumatic hemarthrosis of the knee. Incidence of anterior cruciate tears and other injuries.
Untreated ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament. A follow-up study.
The surgical management of patients with Scheuermann's disease : a review of twenty-four cases managed by combined anterior and posterior spine fusion.
Tarsometatarsal truncated-wedge arthrodesis for pes cavus and equinovarus deformity of the fore part of the foot.
Metatarsalgia : diagnosis and treatment.
The so-called unresolved Osgood-Schlatter lesion : a concept based on fifteen surgically treated lesions.
Diffusion in the various zones of the normal and the rachitic growth plate.
A study of lower-limb mechanics during stair-climbing.
Scintigraphic evaluation of primary bone tumors. Comparison of technetium-99m phosphonate and gallium citrate imaging.
Factors influencing the results of acetabuloplasty in children.
Problems associated with tibial fractures with intact fibulae.
Complications and long-term results of ankle arthrodeses following trauma.
The effects of trochanteric epiphyseodesis on growth of the proximal end of the femur following necrosis of the capital femoral epiphysis.
The "silent hip" of idiopathic ischemic necrosis of the femoral head in adults.
Developmental defects of the distal femoral metaphysis.
Walking efficiency before and after total hip replacement as determined by oxygen consumption.
Myositis ossificans following forcible manipulation of the leg. A rabbit model for the study of heterotopic bone formation.
Characterization of chondrocytes from bovine articular cartilage : I. Metabolic and morphological experimental studies.
Anterior transposition of the ulnar nerve using a non-compressing fasciodermal sling.
The antimicrobial effectiveness of operative-site preparative agents : a microbiological and clinical study.
Recurrent dislocation of the hip in congenital indifference to pain : case report with arthrographic and operative findings.
Irreducible dislocation of a finger joint in a child. A case report.
Isolated lateral-compartment syndrome. Report of a case.
Protothecal olecranon bursitis. A case report and review of the literature.
Bilateral genu recurvatum after skeletal traction. A case report.
Intrasacral meningocele complicated by transverse fracture. A case report.
Simple bone cyst causing collapse of the articular surface of the femoral head and incongruity of the hip joint. A case report.
Non-traumatic necrosis of the femoral head treated with tibial bone-grafting. A follow-up note.
Current concepts review : scoliosis bracing.
Report on the Visit of the 1979 ABC Traveling Fellows to Great Britain
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Corrective Osteotomy of Femoral Shaft Malunion Causing Complete Occlusion of the Superficial Femoral Artery : A Case Report