Congenital elevation of the scapula. Surgical correction by the Woodward procedure.
Stabilizing mechanisms preventing anterior dislocation of the glenohumeral joint.
Cervical fusion in rheumatoid arthritis.
Hip salvage by proximal femoral replacement.
Pitfalls in the use of the Pavlik harness for treatment of congenital dysplasia, subluxation, and dislocation of the hip.
Chondrosarcoma of bone. The experience at the Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli.
Ligamentous and capsular restraints preventing straight medial and lateral laxity in intact human cadaver knees.
Anterior and posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in rhesus monkeys.
Colles' fracture. How should its displacement be measured and how should it be immobilized?
Manipulation and external fixation of metacarpal fractures.
Pipkin Type-II fractures of the femoral head.
Pitfalls in the use of computed tomography for musculoskeletal tumors in children.
Intracompartmental pressure increase on exertion in patients with chronic compartment syndrome in the leg.
Intramedullary nailing in segmental tibial fractures.
Closed intramedullary nailing of femoral shaft fractures. A review of one hundred and twelve cases treated by the Küntscher technique.
The tangential posteroanterior radiograph to demonstrate scapholunate dissociation.
Acute compartment syndrome in hemophilia. A case report.
Sternocostoclavicular hyperostosis. A report of three new cases.
Endometrioma of the pubis : a differential in the diagnosis of hip pain. A report of two cases.
Cervical hemivertebra excision.
Pagetoid changes in a heterotopic center of ossification. A case report.
Simultaneous osteochondral avulsion of the femoral and tibial insertions of the anterior cruciate ligament. Report of a case in a thirteen-year-old boy.
Management of patellar malalignment.
Silastic prosthetic replacement for the radical head.
Quantitative Assessment of Femoral Head Involvement in Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease
Kinetic assessments of human gait.
Harold Buhalts Boyd, M.D. 1904-1981.
Henry Herman Young, M.D. 1906-1980
News Notes
Clinical Arthrography.
Tumors and Tumorlike Lesions of Bones and Joints.
Tumors and Tumorlike Lesions of Bones and Joints.
The Surgery of Tumors of Bone and Cartilage.
A Manual of Orthopaedic Terminology. Ed. 2.