Use of a hand-carved silicone-rubber spacer for advanced Kienböck's disease.
The kinesiology of the thumb trapeziometacarpal joint.
Plantar release in the correction of deformities of the foot in childhood.
Partial fibulectomy for ununited fractures of the tibia.
A new technique of fusion for tuberculous arthritis of the elbow.
Spine deformity subsequent to acquired childhood spinal cord injury.
Spinal disorders of dwarfism. Review of the literature and report of eighty cases.
Total hip replacement in patients younger than thirty years old. A five-year follow-up study.
Fracture of the ipsilateral femur in patients wih total hip replacement.
Retrieval and analysis of intramedullary rods.
The pes anserinus transfer. A long-term follow-up.
Changes in the gait patterns of growing children.
Functional differentiation within the tensor fasciae latae. A telemetered electromyographic analysis of its locomotor roles.
Operational and financial aspects of a hospital bone bank.
Fracture of a silastic radial-head prosthesis : diagnosis and localization of fragments by xerography. A case report.
Dorsal dislocation of the lunate with carpal collapse. Report of two cases.
Pathological fracture of the radius through a cyst caused by pyrophosphate arthropathy. Report of a case.
Flexor hallucis tendinitis in a ballet dancer. A case report.
Thrombosis of the popliteal artery in a jogger. A case report.
Determining amputation levels in peripheral vascular disease.
Hip adductor transfer compared with adductor tenotomy in cerebral palsy.
Fractures in lower limbs with prior amputation.
A method for minimizing the radiation exposure from scoliosis radiographs.
William A. Hark, M.D. 1929-1981