The synovial-like membrane at the bone-cement interface in loose total hip replacements and its proposed role in bone lysis.
Duplication of the thumb. A retrospective review of two hundred and thirty-seven cases.
Ambulation levels of bilateral lower-extremity amputees. Analysis of one hundred and three cases.
Quantitative gait analysis after total knee arthroplasty for monarticular degenerative arthritis.
Acute posterolateral rotatory instability of the knee.
The total condylar knee prosthesis in gonarthrosis. A five to nine-year follow-up of the first one hundred consecutive replacements.
Irrigating solutions for arthroscopy. A metabolic study.
Sensibility testing in peripheral-nerve compression syndromes. An experimental study in humans.
Osteoid-osteoma of the foot.
Post-traumatic dystrophy of the extremities.
Reduction of skeletal muscle necrosis using intermittent hyperbaric oxygen in a model compartment syndrome.
Absence of the glycerol phosphate shuttle in the various zones of the growth plate.
Quantitative criteria for prediction of the results after displaced fracture of the ankle.
Medial knee instability complicating the Pavlik-harness treatment of congenital hip subluxation. Case report.
Salvage of an infected total knee prosthesis with medial and lateral gastrocnemius muscle flaps. A case report.
Unilateral atlanto-occipital dislocation complicating an anomaly of the atlas. A case report.
Occult fracture of the glenoid without dislocation. A case report.
Acute displaced femoral-shaft fractures in long-distance runners. Two case reports.
A giant-cell tumor in the hand presenting as an expansile diaphyseal lesion. Case report.
Popliteal pseudoaneurysm. A case report.
Disengagement and intrapelvic protrusion of the screw from a sliding screw-plate device. A case report.
Scoliosis secondary to an osteoid-osteoma of the rib. A case report.
Osteotomy of the tibial tubercle in total knee replacement. A technical note.
Spinal cord monitoring.
Late results after total hip replacement.
Fracture Failure of a Forged Vitallium Prosthesis. A Case Report
C. HOWARD HATCHER, M.D. 1900-1982
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