Editorial : The Physis as an Interface between Basic Research and Clinical Knowledge
Pathogenic mechanisms in osteochondrodysplasias.
Fractures of the femoral neck in patients between the ages of twelve and forty-nine years.
The effect of early weight-bearing on the stability of femoral neck fractures treated with Knowles pins.
Hip arthrodesis in young patients. A long-term follow-up study.
A long-term follow-up of Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease.
Coxa plana--the fate of the physis.
Medial-displacement intertrochanteric osteotomy in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the hip. A long-term follow-up study.
Total hip arthroplasty with a low-modulus porous-coated femoral component.
Total shoulder arthroplasty with the Neer prosthesis.
An epidemiological study of acute prolapsed cervical intervertebral disc.
Cervical myelopathy treated by canal-expansive laminaplasty. Computed tomographic and myelographic findings.
Untreated posterior dislocation of the elbow in children.
Long-term sequelae of simple dislocation of the elbow.
Medial restraints to anterior-posterior motion of the knee.
Improved acceptance of frozen bone allografts in genetically mismatched dogs by immunosuppression.
Neurovascular complications of the modified Bristow procedure. A case report.
Fatal toxic shock syndrome as a complication of orthopaedic surgery. A case report.
Postoperative toxic shock syndrome following osteoplasty of the hip. A case report.
Radial-nerve laceration twenty-six years after screw fixation of a humeral fracture. A case report.
The present status of surgical treatment for Legg-Perthes disease.
Late complications due to wire breakage in segmental spinal instrumentation. Report of two cases.
I. S. McREYNOLDS, M.D. 1906-1983
News Notes
Surgery of the Musculoskeletal System.
Total Knee Arthroplasty. A Comprehensive Approach.
Patellar Subluxation and Dislocation.
Myelography. Ed.4.