The management of club foot.
Recurrent dislocation of the patella treated by the modified Roux-Goldthwait procedure. A prospective study of forty-seven knees.
Total condylar knee replacement. A study of factors influencing range of motion as late as two years after arthroplasty.
Results of compression-plating of closed Galeazzi fractures.
Treatment of sciatic denervation disuse osteoporosis in the rat tibia with capacitively coupled electrical stimulation. Dose response and duty cycle.
Anterior cruciate reconstruction using the Jones-Ellison procedure.
The lower-extremity musculature in chronic symptomatic instability of the anterior cruciate ligament.
Complete subtalar release in club feet. Part I--A preliminary report.
Complete subtalar release in club feet. Part II--Comparison with less extensive procedures.
Results of operative treatment of displaced external rotation-abduction fractures of the ankle.
Results of revision for mechanical failure after cemented total hip replacement, 1979 to 1982. A two to five-year follow-up.
Guidelines for the use of digital tourniquets based on physiological pressure measurements.
Non-union of fractures of the sternum.
The effect of adjunctive methylmethacrylate on failures of fixation and function in patients with intertrochanteric fractures and osteoporosis.
Use of the Broviac central venous catheter for intravenous antibiotic therapy in the orthopaedic patient.
The ruptured intervertebral disc. Follow-up report on the first case fifty years after recognition of the syndrome and its surgical significance.
Meniscal pneumatocele. A case report of spontaneous, persistent intra-articular and juxta-articular gas.
Computed tomographic documentation of intra-articular penetration of a screw after operations on the shoulder. A report of two cases.
Heparin-associated thrombocytopenia with venous thrombosis. A case report.
Streptococcal gangrene mimicking a compartment syndrome. A case report.
Tuberculous arthritis of the elbow presenting as chronic bursitis of the olecranon. A case report.
Irreducible fracture-separation of the distal ulnar epiphysis. Report of a case.
Diabetic amyotrophy. A case report.
Upper tibial osteotomy for osteoarthritis.
"The present status of surgical treatment of Legg-Perthes disease".
"Bone-mineral content in the lower limb. Relationship to cross-sectional geometry".
"Total hip arthroplasty with a low-modulus porous-coated femoral component. Progress report".
"Fatal pulmonary embolism following tourniquet inflation".
LLOYD W. TAYLOR, M.D. 1916-1983
WILLIAM D. ARNOLD, M.D. 1925-1984
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Radiology of Spinal Curvature.
Infection in Joint Replacement Surgery. Prevention and Management.
Flexor Tendon Injuries.
Arthroscopy of the Knee. A Diagnostic Color Atlas.
Lifetime Care of the Paraplegic Patient.