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Interlocking intramedullary nailing in femoral shaft fractures. A report of forty-eight cases.
Patellar dislocation following total knee replacement.
Hip arthrodesis. A long-term follow-up.
Normal human synovial fluid : osmolality and exercise-induced changes.
Fractures of the dens. A multicenter study.
Surgery for full-thickness rotator-cuff tears.
Chronic atlanto-axial instability in Down syndrome.
Total knee arthroplasty in hemophilia.
The operative treatment of mid-shaft clavicular non-unions.
Stress fractures of the second metatarsal involving Lisfranc's joint in ballet dancers. A new overuse injury of the foot.
Diseases of the hip. A comparative study of Japanese Oriental and American white patients.
Induced moderate hypotensive anesthesia for spinal fusion and Harrington-rod instrumentation.
A comparison of conventional radiography and computed tomography in the evaluation of spiral fractures of the tibia.
Complications of tension-band wiring of olecranon fractures.
Chemonucleolysis for herniated nucleus pulposus in adolescents.
Tuberculous spondylitis in adults.
Atlanto-axial subluxation with spondyloschisis in Down syndrome. Case report.
Pathology of infantile cortical hyperostosis (Caffey's disease). Report of a case.
Rosai-Dorfman disease presenting as spinal tumor. A case report with ultrastructural and immunohistochemical studies.
Bilateral recurrent subtalar dislocation. Case report.
Medicare, Mark Twain, and Richard Wagner.
Dupuytren's contracture.
Report of the 1985 ABC Traveling Fellows
Internal fixation of fractures and non-unions of the humeral shaft. Indications and results in a multi-center study.
Rupture of the posterior tibial tendon causing flat foot. Surgical treatment.
Crepitation simulating gas gangrene. A case report.
News Notes
Injuries to the Throwing Arm.
Concepts in Intramedullary Nailing.