Continued change and constancy.
The cemented kinematic-II and the non-cemented porous-coated anatomic prostheses for total knee replacement. A prospective evaluation.
A comparison of primary and revision total knee arthroplasty using the kinematic stabilizer prosthesis.
Osteonecrosis of the hip in the sickle-cell diseases. Treatment and complications.
Reconstruction for defects of the proximal part of the femur using allograft arthroplasty.
Carpal tunnel syndrome in paraplegic patients.
Growth and predictions of growth in the upper extremity.
The latissimus dorsi flap for reconstruction of the brachium and shoulder.
Prevention of infection after total joint replacement. Experiments with a canine model.
Effects of estrogen deficiency on the growth of tissue into porous titanium implants.
Technical considerations of total knee arthroplasty after proximal tibial osteotomy.
Osteosarcomas arising on the surfaces of long bones.
Prosthetic replacement of the femoral head for fracture of the femoral neck in patients who have Parkinson disease.
Treatment of symptomatic flatback after spinal fusion.
Reconstruction of the lateral ligaments of the ankle for chronic lateral instability.
Fracture of the posterior margin of a lumbar vertebral body.
Durability of regenerated articular cartilage produced by free autogenous periosteal grafts in major full-thickness defects in joint surfaces under the influence of continuous passive motion. A follow-up report at one year.
Diaphyseal fractures of the humerus. Treatment with prefabricated braces.
Acute tear of the rotator cuff masked by simultaneous palsy of the brachial plexus. A case report.
Fabellar impingement : a cause of pain after total knee replacement. A case report.
Successful treatment of infantile malignant osteopetrosis by bone-marrow transplantation. A case report.
Computerized information retrieval and medical education for orthopaedists.
Conservatively treated tears of the anterior ligament.
Mycobacterium marinum infections of the hand and wrist. Results of conservative treatment in twenty-four cases.
Reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament using the bone-block iliotibial-tract transfer.
Operative versus non-operative treatment of recent injuries to the ligaments of the knee.
ROBERT PERLMAN, M.D.,1905-1987
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