Evaluation of results of total hip replacement.
Clinical and radiographic evaluation of total hip replacement. A standard system of terminology for reporting results.
Arthroscopic acromioplasty for lesions of the rotator cuff.
Rotational osteotomy of the humerus for posterior instability of the shoulder.
Ultrasonic diagnosis of separation of the proximal humeral epiphysis in the newborn.
Sprengel deformity.
Management of infection about total elbow prostheses.
Reoperation for failed decompression of the ulnar nerve in the region of the elbow.
Histological changes in aging lumbar intervertebral discs. Their role in protrusions and prolapses.
Elective discectomy for herniation of a lumbar disc. Additional experience with an objective method.
Use of the Pavlik harness in congenital dislocation of the hip. An analysis of failures of treatment.
Prophylaxis with indomethacin for heterotopic bone. After open reduction of fractures of the acetabulum.
Bone-grafting in total hip arthroplasty for protrusio acetabuli. A follow-up note.
Aggressive granulomatous lesions associated with hip arthroplasty. Immunopathological studies.
Testing for isometry during reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament. Anatomical and biomechanical considerations.
Recurvatum deformity complicating performance of total knee arthroplasty. A brief note.
Two-stage reimplantation for the salvage of total knee arthroplasty complicated by infection. Further follow-up and refinement of indications.
Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis. A case report.
Vibrio vulnificus infections in the hand. Report of three patients.
Juxta-articular bone cysts at the insertion of the pes anserinus. Report of two cases.
Infantile fibrosarcoma. Report of a case with long-term follow-up.
Multiple and familial malignant fibrous histiocytoma of bone. A report of two cases.
The management of open fractures.
Pathological anatomy of claw and hammer toes.
Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis. Association with vertebra plana.
Rupture of the peroneus longus tendon. Report of three cases.
Treatment of castration-induced osteoporosis by a capacitively coupled electric signal in rat vertebrae.
Operative treatment of congenital idiopathic club foot.
Comparison of short and long thumb-spica casts for non-displaced fractures of the carpal scaphoid.
OTTO A. ENGH, M.D. 1904-1988
HAROLD A. SOFIELD, M.D. 1900-1987
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