The orthopaedic surgeon in armed conflict.
Degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis with spinal stenosis. A prospective study comparing decompression with decompression and intertransverse process arthrodesis.
The outcome of decompressive laminectomy for degenerative lumbar stenosis.
Extraspinal causes of lumbosacral radiculopathy.
Percutaneous posterolateral lumbar discectomy and decompression with a 6.9-millimeter cannula. Analysis of operative failures and complications.
Early histological and ultrastructural changes in medullary fracture callus.
Survivorship analysis of the uncemented porous-coated anatomic knee replacement.
Failure of centralization of the fibula for congenital longitudinal deficiency of the tibia.
The revascularization of healing flexor tendons in the digital sheath. A vascular injection study in dogs.
The effect of an extra-articular procedure on allograft reconstructions for chronic ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament.
The role of supplemental lag-screw fixation for open fractures of the tibial shaft treated with external fixation.
Instability of the cervical spine after decompression in patients who have Arnold-Chiari malformation.
Arthrodesis of the knee with an intramedullary nail.
Formation of bone in tibial defects in a canine model. Histomorphometric and biomechanical studies.
Effect of aspirin on heterotopic ossification after total hip arthroplasty in men who have osteoarthrosis.
Extensive osteonecrosis of the acetabulum in a patient who had rheumatoid arthritis. A case report.
Adult-onset vitamin D-resistant osteomalacia. A case with seventeen-year follow-up.
Concomitant fractures of the scaphoid and the distal end of the radius
Patellar overgrowth after infection of the knee. A case report.
Prevention of formation of heterotopic bone after total hip arthroplasty.
Clinical and radiographic evaluation of total hip replacement. A standard system of terminology for reporting results.
Compression of the anterior interosseous nerve after use of a sling for dislocation of the acromioclavicular joint. A report of two cases.
Refracture after removal of a condylar plate from the distal third of the femur.
Capsulorrhaphy with a staple for recurrent posterior subluxation of the shoulder.
Arthroscopic acromioplasty. Technique and results.
Heterotopic ossification about the hip after intramedullary nailing for fractures of the femur.
R. BEVERLY RANEY, SR., M.D. 1906-1991
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