Fixation with a single screw for slipped capital femoral epiphysis.
Slipped capital femoral epiphysis. A prospective study of fixation with a single screw.
Clinical determination of femoral anteversion. A comparison with established techniques.
Residual chymopapain activity after chemonucleolysis in normal intervertebral discs in dogs.
The effect of femoral stem geometry on interface motion in uncemented porous-coated total hip prostheses. Comparison of straight-stem and curved-stem designs.
Periprosthetic bone loss in total hip arthroplasty. Polyethylene wear debris and the concept of the effective joint space.
Osteolysis after total knee arthroplasty without cement.
Unicompartmental knee replacement : a comparison of constrained and unconstrained designs.
Modular hemiarthroplasty for fractures of the proximal part of the humerus.
Treatment of instability of the shoulder with an exercise program.
Comparison of orthoroentgenography and computed tomography in the measurement of limb-length discrepancy.
Arthrodesis of the ankle in patients who have rheumatoid arthritis.
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy in children. Clinical characteristics and follow-up of seventy patients.
The effect of low-frequency electrical fields on osteogenesis.
Recurrent giant-cell tumor with metaplasia and malignant change, not associated with radiotherapy. A case report.
Pseudotumor of the distal part of the femur in a patient who had myelomeningocele. A case report.
The response to bone allografts.
Reconstruction of malunited fractures of the lateral malleolus.
Simple bone cysts of the pelvis in adolescents. A report of four cases.
Pigmented villonodular synovitis of the knee. The results of total arthroscopic synovectomy, partial arthroscopic synovectomy, and arthroscopic local excision.
LYMAN W. SMITH, M.D. 1912-1991
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